Welcome to Bare Bones

At Bare Bones we are passionate about the process. We encourage our young members to explore, imagine, devise, take risks and create.

Everything starts with workshops. Ideas are nurtured and developed and the end result is productions that our members are not just performing in, but have ownership of.

This is exciting and empowering for all involved.

What we do


Taking drama to the next level.


Taking Bare Bones into the community

Drama in the Woods

Create, build, run, play and perform in a unique, open-air theatrical experience.

Community Adult Ensemble

Learn to act, devise, write and perform.

"It's hard to find words to explain the magic of Bare Bones - it's certainly no ordinary drama club - the kids are given freedom and encouragement to explore their imaginations, every idea is grasped and grown and built into something special."

Jo Saha - Parent

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